Singapore Postage Stamps Catalogue 5th Ed (2019)
Singapore Postage Stamps Catalogue
5th Ed (2019)

PRC Postage Stamps Catalogue 1st Ed (2015)
PRC Postage Stamps Catalogue
1st Ed (2015)

Singapore Philatelic Museum


Singapore Philatelic Museum opened its door to the public on 19 Aug 95 with a mission to stimulate interest in stamps and promote the awareness and appreciation of Singapore's history and heritage. Our little Museum, built in 1907, is located at the foot of the historical Fort Canning Hill. The Museum offers more than a wide array of stamps from around the world. Indeed, we pride ourselves as a living museum, step into our galleries and visitors will be greeted with the sights and sounds of the cultural heritage of Singapore. Hear about the trials and hardships of the early immigrants to the island. Experience the joys of their festivals and try on different ethnic costumes, all at one venue.

Innovative Learning Centre

The Museum has developed highly interactive and educational activities to enhance out-of-the-classroom learning. Teaching formats are customized to cater to the differing learning styles of our participants, from pre-schoolers, to primary to secondary to post secondary learners. Learning objectives are achieved through museum tours, multi-media presentations, self- directed and experiential learning. The Singapore Philatelic Museum has more to offer. Please visit us at for more information.